Salvador With An Art Touch

This tour flirts with the plastic art and history of Salvador, its old and modern view. We’ll see the city sites related to the colonial Brazil, the African influence all over the places, taking advantage of Pelourinho – the greatest baroque neighborhood outside Europe.

We begin from Ondina neighborhood, to check the work “Meninas do Brasil” by the local artist Eliana Kertész, she has exposed in various parts of the country, and the “chubbies” of Eliana Kertész can be seen in its entirety here in Ondina, where Girls of Brazil are religiously landing for the photos: the three bronze figures symbolize the typical races of Brazil and its due miscegenation. To Barra neighborhood we go to check on the Barra’s most famous icon, the lighthouse at the Saint Antonio Fort. Then, continuing, we visit the Modelo Market – one of the oldest and most traditional commercial zones of the city of Salvador, with its architecture protected by the National Historical Heritage. 263 art-craft stores. Stop to see the Monument of Salvador, by the artist Mario Cravo Jr., internationally recognized sculptor, he is the greatest exponent of the modern Bahia during the 40s and the 50s, and his sculptures can be seen in many parts of Brazil, especially in Salvador. Right there, we see also the Lacerda elevator – Art Décor architecture from 1930 – that connects the lower city to the upper city. On the upper city, we stop to see another monument by Mario Cravo Jr. The “Cruz Caída”. Proceding to Pelourinho, for the Portuguese architecture, street artists and local plastic arts. Then, San Francisco church, with its gold leafed interior and Jacaranda wood furniture. Now, for a total original lunch time, we go to the Maria Adair atelier-house, a local renowned plastic artist that transforms in art every part of the universe that surrounds her: the floor, walls, ceiling, furniture, utensils, sand arts on doors, and her so many paintings. We’ll have a guided visit to the 3 floors of the house and to the atelier. We’ll also meet the local chef Murilo Brocchini that will prepare a very refined lunch, showing us some peculiarities and the best about Bahia cuisine. All that in a totally exclusive service.

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