Brazil History Starting Point

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Considered the starting point of the Brazilian history and culture, the Discovery Coast was declared World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, in 1999. Surrounded by several natural attractions – such as beaches, bays, inlets, cliffs, coral reefs, mangroves and navigable rivers. Many paradisiacal beaches enchant the visitors in Porto Seguro, Cabrália, Coroa Vermelha, Trancoso, Arraial D’Ajuda, Caraíva, Santo André, and Santo Antonio. During ultralight flights it’s possible to admire all the beauty of the region, from a different angle. The Discovery Coast has ideal spots for diving, windsurf, surf, kite surf, trekking, horse rides, among others. It’s worth remembering that the fun doesn’t end here. The region has a much differentiated nightlife. Contrary to what happens in most littoral areas, where the day activities are more attractive than the night ones, at the Discovery Coast, the night leisure is also a must. It’s difficult to decide whether to enjoy the day or the night. Generally, visitors end up enjoying both, showing that sleeping is not the priority. The hours are so atypical that in many of the region’s cities, shops are open until late, selling clothes, crafts, etc. The events promoted by show houses, beach kiosks and night clubs, which always end at dawn, guarantee the fun throughout the night. The fun never ends. For more than 500 years this region has been visited by various explorers seeking for the most unusual products. Nowadays, the explorers are better known as “tourists”, that look for high doses of adrenaline and lots of history, in a scenery composed by sun, sea and tranquility.

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