Comandatuba Island

The Comandatuba village has the art craft as its main local expression. The island is covered with centenary coconut palm trees along 21km of untouched beaches.
The island is located in the south of Bahia, 60km far from the city of Ilheus. Comandatuba is part of the most important area for environmental conservation in the planet, according to a study undertaken by UNESCO that recognizes the Atlantic Forest as a Biosphere Reserve, and recently, the south of Bahia as a World Natural Heritage site. Visitors may opt from 2 airport options to get to the island: either the Ilheus airport, from where there is a transfer to the island, or the Comandatuba airport, the largest private airport in Brazil, only 10minutes away from the island. To get to the island, visitors will take a pleasant boat transfer crossing the local waterway.

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