Afro-Bahia Performance & Dinner

4h tour

By Night at the Coliseu restaurant happens 5 days of the week (exception of Sun, Wed). The restaurant offers on those nights a buffet of regional cuisine and the afro-Bahia show. It’s located in the historical centre, Pelourinho, a world heritage site.
Tour: departure at 6:15pm from hotel (depending on the hotel location) and transfer to local restaurant at the old town. There, we’ll have dinner (based on buffet of typical food);
The performance starts at 8:30 pm, and takes place in the stage right in the middle of the restaurant: They show all the strong west Africa culture influence into the customs and history of the Bahia and northeast of Brazil. All that through acting and dances. Capoeira, a pure afro-Bahia martial art and dance, and the percussion rhythms representing the heritage; The African goddess dances representing the Candomble religion and each Orixá representing one force of nature, such as the fire, the waters, the earth, etc.; The maculelê dance played by long knives as the maculelê rhythm goes on the atabaque percussion, and the 2 people begin rhythmically striking the knives (slaves folklore representing the sugar cane workers); the fishermen acting for the gratefulness to the sea Goddess Yemanja (very popular in Bahia for protecting the fishers); The Samba de roda, a variety of the original samba performance, followed also by singing and clapping hands. The show lasts 1 hour. The atmosphere is full of energy and rhythm.

Meet: At the front desk of your hotel in Salvador at 7pm.

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