Salvador: Berimbau Percussion Class

1h class

A one string instrument with the shape of a bow is the main instrument of Capoeira. It is played by the most senior person present at the Roda (the circle in which Capoeira takes place). All the other instruments are complimentary to the berimbau. The time is set by the master berimbau and the person who holds it will also lead the singing.

During the Berimbau Class you will learn how to make and how to play the berimbau. A professional instructor explains the essential parts and elements of the instruments, and then shows the most important rhythms that the instrument is used for. He will teach you how to construct your own berimbau and you can (optional) take home your instrument at the end of class.

Berimbau lessons will cover the basic rhythms such as Angola, São Bento Pequeno, São Bento Grande, Samba de Roda, Cavalaria and Iúna. The student will be taught and will practice the ability to play the berimbau whilst singing Capoeira songs, having some basic berimbau experience and not only to the Capoeira practitioner, however the lesson will be focused on the context of Capoeira practice.

Meet: At the front desk of your hotel in Salvador.
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