Chapada Diamantina – Archeology

Serra das Paridas

4 days

The Serra das Paridas archeological site is currently being investigated by a team from the Federal University of Bahia State (UFBA) led by Dr. Carlos Erchevarne.
The site is considered of special importance due to the great concentration of well-preserved aboriginal rock drawings comprising at least three different cultural styles.

Day 1: Salvador/Lençois
At 7:30am departure by private car to the Chapada Diamantina Mountain Range and the National Park. Upon arrival in Lençois, we’ll stretch our legs and go swimming at the beautiful Ribeirao do Meio pool and rock slide (40min walk along a good trail). Overnight at local pousada in Lençois.

Day 2: Full day tour: Lapa Doce cave + Mucugezinho River + Pai Inacio Hill
At 08:30am, we’ll be out for a private highlight tour of the Chapada Diamantina with a regional lunch. We’ll visit the Lapa Doce cave (1 km trek inside the cave with amazing rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and much more); Then, we’re off to lunch at the Toca do Pato, a riverside restaurant at the Mucugezinho water recreation area, with a short walk to the Poço do Diabo pool with its 20meter waterfall. Then, a short ride to see some original “tocas”- the crudely made but sturdy and (somewhat) comfortable stone shelters the miners lived in while working in the hills; and then, you’ll visit Pai Inacio Mountain, with a 20 minutes walk up to the top for a fabulous 360º view of the National Park and surrounding area. Enjoy the sunset! At night on your own in the wonderfully visitable town of Lençóis. OV/B/L

Day 3: Full day Mosquito waterfall + Archeological complex Serra das Paridas + lunch
Transfer to the Impossiveis farm (70km, 1:30h trip). We’ll be able to witness sustainable activities developed in the farm. 3km Walk will take us to the Mosquito waterfall with its 60m high and its name is due to the little diamonds found in the area, “mosquitos” as it is called by locals; Time to swim. We stop at the farm headquarters for a regional lunch. Then, we’ll head to the archeological complex of Serra das Paridas. The area has thousands of well-preserved rock drawings. Return to Lençois. Night at leisure, on your own. OV/B/L

Day 4: Igatu/Mucuge
Leave at 08am towards the south/central part of the National Park. A 1and a half hour trip will take us to the enchanted pool – a 60+ meter deep pool of crystal-clear water in a naturally illuminated cave. Then, we will visit the town of Mucugê where the diamond boom started and the Sempre Viva Dry Flower Project/Municipal Park on the banks of the Tiburtino River, with a walk through the natural rock gardens of the unique “Campos Rupestres” vegetation and a swim in the cool, clean waters of the Park near a fine waterfall. Then off to the old diamond mining town of Igatu –built from stone – a monument to the art and rough labor of the diamond miners. You can stroll down an ancient trail past rows of abandoned stone houses built in the 19th century that have barely changed since they were abandoned at the end of the short-lived diamond boom.
Regional lunch. OV/B/L

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